Dip MT, MNZSP, NZRPDirector & Senior Physiotherapist

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As one of the most respected physiotherapists in New Zealand, Graeme Hayhow has developed the Institute of Sport Physiotherapy over several decades to make it the leading general and sports physiotherapy clinic in Central Auckland today.

As both a passionate sportsman and highly skilled clinician in the area of sports physiotherapy, Graeme has worked with individuals from a vast range of professional sporting teams. Such as the former NZ All Blacks, the Maori All Blacks, the Americas Cup in Fremantle, New Zealand Cricket team, New Zealand Athletics team, New Zealand Badminton, New Zealand All Whites, New Zealand Royal Ballet and Oceania Amateur Athletic World Cup.

Graeme enjoys helping people from all walks of life in his Grafton clinic. It’s his personalised and down-to-earth approach to physio that has earned him a loyal client base over the past 40 years.

Graeme’s easy-to-follow treatment plans are tailored to individual needs. He uses techniques and treatment modalities that best suit you and your situation.

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