Corrective exercise advice


Whether you need a careful and staged introduction of exercise following an injury. Or you require end-stage rehabilitation of a sporting injury, the Institute of Sport Physiotherapy can help.

Throughout the process, we can liaise with surgeons, GPs and other specialists for your post-surgery or post-injury rehabilitation needs.

Each corrective exercise program is tailored to your busy lifestyle and health requirements. We ensure that as you recover, your exercise program adapts accordingly, so that you get the best results.

What does it involve?

Corrective exercise advice is vital for recovering from injury and alleviating pain. A typical session with a physiotherapist from Institute of Sport Physiotherapy may involve specific assessments of your physical condition such as:

  • Postural Analysis
  • Muscle strength and flexibility testing

After this, you will be given personalised corrective exercise advice, along with an exercise program that works on strengthening and correcting your body.

This exercise advice is able to be implemented in the comfort of your home and is designed to help you to recover. Following this, a number a follow-up appointments may be scheduled to measure your progress.

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