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Functional Range Systems


What is Functional Range Systems?

Functional Range Systems, or FRS® is a powerful one-of-a-kind approach to help increase useable range of motion, improve articular mobility, improve neurological control, increase strength/resilience, enhance athletic performance, decrease incidence of injury, and improve recovery from injuries with the principles, strategies, and techniques below.

Who can benefit?

Functional Range Systems® (FRS®/FRA®/FRC®) is effective for EVERYONE from elite athletes to rehabilitation patients, and anyone in between. FRS® has been successfully implemented with professional athletes (NFL, NBA, NHL, CFL, PGA, etc.) in clinical rehabilitative, performance environments, and countless other settings.

What are the typical results?

  • Increased useable Range of Motion
  • Improved Articular Mobility
  • Improved Neurological Control
  • Increased strength/resilience
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Decreased incidence of injury
  • Quicker reaction time
  • Heightened sense of Balance, and Stability
  • Career Longevity
  • Maximized results from you training program
  • Faster recovery from injuries

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Functional Range Conditioning

About Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)

Developed by world-renowned musculoskeletal and human movement expert Dr. Andreo Spina, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), is a system of joint health and mobility training based on scientific principles. Mobility refers to the amount of USABLE motion that one possesses across a particular joint. The more mobile a person is, the more they are able to maximize their movement potential safely, efficiently, and effectively.

What is Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)?

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) is a movement system that is based on scientific principles and research. It aims to improve mobility, increase joint strength, and optimize body awareness allowing you perform your best at whatever sport or activity you may take part in.

At the Institute of Sport Physiotherapy our specialist Garth Van Der Merwe use’s FRC principles to help improve your usable range of motion, promote healthy and resilient joints, and thus reduce your likelihood for injury. Garth works to increase your mobility and improve your resiliency within all these ranges of motion so that you can be prepared for whatever movement demands that life may bring your way!

Functional Range Conditioning will increase:

  • Functional Mobility (neural control & articular strength)
  • Articular Resilience (the tissue’s load bearing capacity)
  • Articular Health and Longevity

Achieving these 3 things can be effective in decreasing injury rates since injuries occur when the load placed on a tissue exceeds the tissue’s ability to absorb it. For example, when running, hamstring strains usually happen during deceleration (during the hamstrings function to slow the swing leg during gait) – the load exceeds the hamstring’s capability to absorb it. Using principles from the FRC system we can work to increase the capacity of the hamstrings to accept load, therefore, it will “take more to break you” and thus reduce your likelihood for reinjury.

The Principle of Progressive Adaptation states: Incremental loads imparted on all forms of connective tissues results in adaptation of the connective tissues such that the load absorption capacity improves.

Thus, FRC is a means to incrementally increase the load bearing capacity of the tissues composed in joints, granting the body greater freedom during motion, greater ability to accept load, and through this, decreased incidence of injury.

Functional Range Conditioning Benefits:

  • Enjoy healthier joints
  • Move freely without pain
  • Greater strength and control
  • Better joint mobility
  • Improved flexibility
  • Larger active ranges of motion
  • More durability
  • Sports performance enhancement
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Faster recovery

Who might benefit from Functional Range Conditioning:

  • Anyone who wants a healthier body with stronger joints and better movement.
  • Martial artists
  • Athletes in sports
  • Dancers and performers who need greater flexibility and control
  • Rock climbers
  • Olympic and powerlifting athletes
  • Yoga Practitioners
  • People with connective tissue problems like Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
  • People with joint pain like arthritis and tendinitis
  • CrossFit athletes

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Functional Range Assessments

What is the Functional Range Assessment (FRA®)The Functional Range Assessment (FRA®) is a diagnostic tool to examine how you move on a joint by joint basis. It allows our certified specialist Garth Van Der Merwe to understand how your body works, from your neck down to your toes.

We use the findings from the FRA to create movement baselines for your unique body; think of this like progress picture, but for your joints. Then, if you have pain or issues of any kind, we will get to the root cause and give you actionable solutions to get you on a path toward success. You will walk away from the FRA having made discoveries about your body and how best to make improvements.

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Resistance Training Specialist

What is RTS?

RTS is the culmination of 40 years of experiences, decades of teaching experience and professional practice, as well as both physical achievements and challenges. RTS offers truly PRACTICAL education for the Exercise Professional Garth Van Der Merwe. The focus is on an ever-expanding foundation of principles and information that enhances Garths skills of investigation to custom exercise design, progression, and exercise delivery specific to the idiosyncratic and changing needs and tolerances of you the individual client.

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EXOS Certified Sports Performance

What is EXOS Performance Specialist system ?

The Exos Performance Specialist system is based on sound scientific evidence and over 20 years of practical experience working with all levels of athletes, tactical operators, and US Fortune 500 employees. With over 10 years of experience supporting coaches, trainers, and therapists, the Exos training system has become a proven resource for those in the field of human performance.

The Exos system emphasizes the seamless integration of Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. This holistic approach assures that the athlete, client, or patient is empowered with individualized strategies on and off the training floor. Here at the Institute of Sport our Exos Performance Specialist Garth Van Der Merwe brings to life a training system that can fit any population and environment.

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