Living in the modern world with all of its mod-cons means a life of physical inertia and convenience. Most people sit down at a desk all day and drive a car everywhere. Yet people’s sedentary lifestyles can often lead to musculoskeletal injuries of the neck, back, legs or arms. Likewise, strains, sprains and sporting injuries can take their toll on people’s lives. Physiotherapy can help you by correcting movement patterns, preventing injury and strengthening your body. Visiting an experienced and industry-leading physiotherapist will give you a better chance of either preventing injury or making a full recovery from an injury.

The team at the Institute of Sport Physiotherapy commonly treat:

  • ACC or accident-related injuries
  • Individuals reporting chronic pain
  • Pre-natal and post-natal women
  • Individuals pre and post-surgery
  • Individuals living with chronic conditions
  • Athletes (professional and amateur) who get injured while playing sport

No. We treat a broad variety of conditions and musculoskeletal injuries that occur for individuals at every stage of their lives. We have the name the Institute of Sport Physiotherapy because of our long history and industry reputation helping many professional athletes.

Contact the team for an appointment via the online form, phone (09) 379 5767 or email grafton@instituteofsport.co.nz

Once you complete paperwork in order to register with us, one of our physiotherapists will perform a hands-on assessment of your injury or condition. This will help us to make an accurate diagnosis. Our goal is to ensure that you fully understand your condition, pathology or dysfunction. We will explain your condition clearly, so that you can easily tell others about it. After this, we will provide you with relief from pain. Then we will lay out a personalised plan that will restore you to physical function.

No, you do not need a referral to visit our clinic. However, if a doctor or specialist has referred you, please bring all relevant paperwork with you, including any test results from X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds.

The number of visits you will need is completely variable and depends on the diagnosis and prognosis offered by your physiotherapist. Your progress will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Your goals will be regularly reviewed to ensure that progress meets your expectations.

If possible, please wear comfortable and loose clothing. This enables our physiotherapists to expose and treat the area of injury easily. If necessary, we have a medical gown that you can wear if your clothes are inappropriate for the treatment session.

The first treatment usually lasts 45-60 minutes. This encompasses evaluation and assessment of your health condition and also treatment. This allows enough time for a complete assessment and treatment. Subsequent physiotherapy sessions generally last 45-60 minutes.

Please check with your health insurance provider to find out more about what is included in your insurance plan and what your out-of-pocket expenses will be.

ACC is a New Zealand government initiative that partially subsidises the cost of treatment related to injury. The ACC defines an eligible injury to be one-off or acute repetitive event that has led to the damage of tissue within the body or mental/psychological stress.

Here are several examples of injuries eligible for ACC coverage.

  • “When I was walking down stairs, I tripped, twisted my knee and now have swelling and pain”.
  • “I was throwing a ball and I extended by arm and felt an intense pain in my shoulder”.
  • “I had a car accident and got whiplash in my neck”.

However, injuries that don’t arise from an accident. Such as injuries resulting from illness, ageing or emotional illnesses aren’t covered.

Get a better understanding on what’s covered and not covered on the ACC website.


ACC provides partial cover for your physiotherapy appointments. 

ACC first consultation: $38
ACC follow up consultation: $33

Non-ACC private first consultation: $78
Non ACC follow up consultation: $66

Please bring all paperwork relating to your injury with you. Including any test results from X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds. If you do not have related paperwork that is fine. We can obtain this on your behalf.