Physio + Pain-Relief Massage


This service offers all you would expect from your regular Physiotherapy treatment combined with the benefits of a Pain-Relief Massage.

Pain-Relief Massage consists of manipulating body tissues, muscles, ligaments and tendons to realign muscle fibres, connective tissue and eliminate toxins.

Pre work-out Pain-Relief Massage promotes muscle health that offers the body relief from the stress caused by moderate to intense training and competition.

Post work-out muscle fatigue is the main cause of pain. In this instance the massage has detoxifying effect that help’s muscle fibres recover, metabolic waste is eliminated from the body and improved blood flow is promoted that return’s nutrients to cells facilitating the body’s regeneration.

Regular sessions can increase joint mobility, flexibility, reduce the risk of injury before, during and after exercises and address the damage that stresses in everyday life cause to our bodies and muscle tissues.

At all times you will be treated with care, skill, dignity and respect, and you have the right to withdraw from your session/treatment at any stage or seek a second opinion. If any part of your massage doesn’t feel right or is painful, please speak up right away. You are also welcome to bring a family member, whanau, friend, caregiver and/or interpreter to your session.

Physio + Pain-Relief Massage Fee’s

ACC Injuries

  Adult Student
Physio + Pain-Relief Massage $90.00 $70.00

Private Treatments

  Adult Student
Physio + Pain-Relief Massage $140.00 $120.00

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