BHSc (Physio) MPNZ NZRP Physiotherapist

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Garth is a NZ registered physiotherapist and member of Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy NZ and The NZ Manipulative Physiotherapists Association. Garth uses up-to-date research proven techniques to assess and treat neuromusculoskeletal conditions that cause pain and affect quality of life in both the general and athletic populations.

Garth completed his Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy at Auckland University of Technology where he graduated with distinction. He prides himself on his commitment to academic excellence and clinical proficiency in all areas and is currently in the process of completing two Masters degrees, one in Musculoskeletal, Sport & Exercise Physiotherapy and the other in Sport and Exercise Science with a focus on Strength and Conditioning.

Garth can help you understand how your body works and what you can do to reduce pain, improve mobility, overcome weakness and recover from nagging or new injuries. He develops customized therapy and rehab programs targeted to each individuals goals and needs, using a variety of manual therapy techniques, guiding patient's in safe exercise and taking into account each individuals physical strengths and abilities.

Garth has always had a passion for healthcare and really enjoys helping people. He is continously learning and takes regular courses to further develop his skillset and regularly reads research to remain current with best practice. He believes firmly that in life you get out what you put in and as such he will always give his patient's the best of his efforts.

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