Muscle Activation techniques:


Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a non-invasive approach used to rebuild symmetry and equilibrium to the muscular system of the body by improving joint stability, range of motion and muscle strength. MAT not only helps the muscular system to be more efficient and effective but also improves athletic performance and relieves pain. Unlike most therapeutic methods, Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) looks at muscle tightness as a form of protection in the body. Weak or inhibited muscles can create the need for other muscles to tighten up in order to help stabilize the joints. MAT gets to the root of the pain or injury by addressing muscle weakness rather than muscle tightness. This helps to restore normal body alignment, thereby decreasing pain and reducing the risk of injury.

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Muscle Activation techniques FAQ

Muscle Activation Techniques is process where range of motion (ROM) is tested for mechanical asymmetry. Once asymmetrical ROM is identified, EVERY muscle that can mechanically contribute to that ROM is individually tested. Any muscles that appear weak are then treated using targeted manual palpations. When all muscles are strong, the ROM should increase. This is what is meant by a balanced joint. It is at this point that pain and stiffness decrease. Once the nervous system recognizes the joint is stable, tight and stiff muscles loosen up, since the protection they were providing is no longer needed. Reduction in pain and stiffness and increases in ROM are often felt immediately after treatment.

Muscle Activation technique is an excellent adjunct to any exercise regimen. A MAT specialist uses a battery of assessment tools that can identify weaknesses that lead to injuries while exercising or playing a sport. In addition, Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) can be very effective in giving you relief if you are already suffering from the following:

  • back pain
  • knee pain
  • patellofemoral syndrome
  • neck stiffness
  • shoulder pain
  • rotator cuff pain
  • plantar fasciitis
  • flat feet
  • tight hamstring
  • and more …
Whether you are a pro athlete or weekend warrior MAT can help you return to the golf course, tennis court, ski slopes, or athletic field with renewed strength and without pain. With MAT, athletes and regular active people of all ages can perform at a higher level without injury.