Are you ready to get your body back?

Did you know that what and when you eat can massively impact your injury prevention and recovery time?

Is the way you eat now leading you to a path of prolonged or higher risk of injury?

Have a read of this…

… You’ve done your back in…. or maybe you pulled a shoulder muscle.. or maybe you have a troublesome knee..

It can feel like a major setback right?

Are you suffering an injury that has you feeling frustrated, fed up and unmotivated?

For 3 years I suffered major muscle spasm in my lower back… I couldn’t exercise, I was a misery.. mostly caused by a weak core.. but also exacerbated by not eating right ( even when I thought I was eating right! ), too much acidity in my body, dehydrated.. the pain was constant and travelled down my glutes, hamstrings and it aged me.. boy did I wear the pain on my face, it was apparent in my moods and my sleep was just awful.
I actually was worried I’d never run or be able to exercise like I used to ever again😱

Any of this sound familiar?

I was tired of feeling injured… so I spent a fortune on the wrong treatments.. I wanted a quick fix. But with help from my physio I got to work on the right exercises and stretches to help mobilise and strengthen the area.. it took consistent effort and commitment to see and feel an improvement..

.. and I totally overhauled my diet. I was back on my feet and running again after 4 weeks of getting the body back to a balanced nourished state. It’s been 4 years now, I’m now 41.. and I feel stronger than I did in my 20’s.. and I absolutely attribute this to nutrients.

Would you like to speed up your recovery and reduce the chance of it ever happening again?

When it comes to recovering from a sports injury, many elements come into play.

While not all of them are under your influence, one factor you can control is the nutrients you provide your body.

Consuming the anti-inflammatory foods and supplements mentioned below in is one way you can speed up your recovery.

It’s what and when you eat!

Consider your blood type, consider nutrient timing… consider eating foods and supplements you to help recover from an injury more quickly…


Protein-Rich Foods. …
Fiber-Rich Foods. …
Fruits and Vegetables Rich in Vitamin C. …
Omega-3 Fatty Acids. …
Zinc-Rich Foods. …
Vitamin D and Calcium-Rich Foods. …
Creatine. …

Not sure how to go about it?

Are you ready to get your body back?

I’m ready for you 😎💜

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